Eliminator 3D

Eliminator 3D is a game of survival. Drones will spawn randomly in the playfield and approach your ship. You must eliminate them to survive. As the game progresses you will encounter new and faster drones. Your ship carries with it a limited supply of smart bombs. Once detonated all drones currently in the playfield will be eliminated. Additional ships and smart bombs are awarded every 1,000 kills.

The game is best played with a dual stick gamepad. The left stick is used to fly your ship around and the right stick is used to fire your primary weapon. The controls operate very much like the old arcade game Robotron 2084 and the Xbox 360 game Geometry Wars. The keyboard may also be used by pressing WASD to move the ship and the arrow keys to fire your weapon.

A progressive scoring system is in place. Each drone eliminated adds to an accumulated score such that the next drone is worth more than the previous.

DirectX 9.0c or later is required

DOWNLOAD V1.35 (3.8mb zip)