Kids Next Door: Operation B.E.S.T.

Kids Next Door: Operation B.E.S.T. was a game developed in 2005 as a promotion to attract more viewers to the TV show. Kids were able to design their own in-game avatar using a character editor. The player who scored the most points for the week would have their in-game avatar shown on TV during the airing of the TV episode. The game was active for a brief period, about 8 episodes, and when the promotion ended the game was shutdown forever.

I recently discovered the source code for the game in my archives (the company I co-founded made it) and decided to try and get it running again without any of the online server code. Success! But running on Windows 10 is not the best experience. The game was designed for Windows XP machines running DirectX 8.

Click here to download the game for Windows.

It will also run quite well on MacOS using Parallels and a copy of Windows XP