Les Bird

Started programming professionally when I was hired at Galacticomm to be a programmer/customer support rep for their The MajorBBS software.

Got my first break into the game industry when I was hired at Capstone Software. While there I made several hit games for the company including Corridor 7: Alien Invasion, William Shatner's Tekwar, Witchaven and Witchaven II. Capstone folded when their bid for an IPO failed.

Afterwards I went to work for Microprose in Hunt Valley Maryland. I was hired as Lead Engineer for their first FPS game called Klingon Honor Guard. We used the Unreal 1 game engine and we were the 2nd Unreal engine powered game to ship shortly after Unreal itself shipped.

After Microprose I had an opportunity to start-up my own game company along with a few other co-workers, the company was known as AWE Games. We shipped a TON of titles to retail, so many that I can't even remember them all. But there were some notable titles such as SpongeBob Operation Krabby Patty, Hot Wheels Mechanix Racing, Jimmy Neutron, Kids Next Door: Operation B.E.S.T., and many many more.

After 10 years we closed up shop and I found some temporary work at a nearby game company called Darkside Game Studios (2010-2014). It was there that I shipped my first iPhone game and I started doing it as a hobby ever since.

I joined Magic Leap in 2014 to help them develop content for their custom Mixed Reality device. I was promoted to the role of Lead Engineer and created some very compelling demos that we showed to investors.

In 2017 I left Magic Leap and moved to Boston where I joined a company and some really awesome people to help solve some real world problems with some of the latest VR/MR technologies.

Skills include C/C++/C#, Direct 3D, OpenGL, Unity