On this page you can find the complete source code for the following games:

Witchaven II
William Shatner's Tekwar
Corridor 8: Galactic Wars (prototype)

You can also find the following documents:

Corridor 7: Alien Invasion game design document.
Corridor 7: Alien Invasion strategy guide.

I cannot guarantee that the source code will compile. From what I remember, the compiler we used to build the games was Watcom C/C++ V9.5 and the target machine
was a 486 50+mhz running MS-DOS V5 or higher.

These games were released by Capstone Software prior to them folding in 1996. As a former Capstone programmer I found these developer snapshots in my archives and by popular demand I've decided to release it to the hobbyist community in hopes that the games will be revived. I do not own the rights to these games. I do not know who owns the rights to these games. To the best of my knowledge these games are abandonware (or whatever you want to call it).

It's possible that one or both of these scenarios has happened:

1. Someone owns the rights and they don't care about the game anymore. Did the owner of IntraCorp keep the assets and then move on to other businesses and he just does not care about the games anymore?

2. Someone owns the rights and they don't know they do. Did a bank acquire all the assets from IntraCorp? Do they even know what they have? Is it on a hard drive on some computer in some storage room?

Please note that these archives are snapshots of the development folder. Some files are not actually used in the retail version of the game. You will have to figure out which files they are. In most cases you can just run a batch file that will compile the code for you as long as you have the right environment set up.

Witchaven I source and executables (14 mb) - WHAVEN.ZIP

Witchaven II source and executables (39 mb) - WHAVEN2.ZIP

Tekwar source and executables (15 mb) - TEKWAR.ZIP

Notice: It has been reported to me that there are viruses in 2 files. DAPI.DOC and DAPI.ZIP. Please clean them with virus scanning software before opening them.

UPDATE 9/10/2011:

Just located the design doc for Corridor 7 buried in storage:

C7Design.pdf (2.3 MB)

C7Design_Revised.pdf (5.2 MB)

UPDATE 2/14/2012:

Scanned in the Corridor 7 Strategy Guide

C7Strategy.pdf (19.3 MB)

UPDATE 1/18/2013:

Added Corridor 8: Galactic Wars source code. This code is for the prototype of the sequel to Corridor 7. This prototype was from very early in the development process and uses temp art from the game DOOM and has only some test maps. For more information see the write up for the prototype here.


UPDATE 2/2/2013:

Scanned in the CD-ROM game manual

C7CDManual.pdf (8.7 MB)


July 17, 2014