Galacticomm BBS Software

Galacticomm software from the early 90s.

I was a former customer service rep and programmer from 1990 to 1993 and one of the original 12 employees.

I am offering downloads of all the software from my library of Galacticomm software. Galacticomm was a leader in multiuser BBS software from the early 90s before the Internet pretty much destroyed the entire BBS industry. Galacticomm also sold hardware solutions that would expand your PC with up to 64 modems.

Galacticomm BREAKTHROUGH Library (zip) - the backbone library that powered the MajorBBS Software
MajorBBS V3.05 (zip)
MajorBBS V4.00 (zip)
MajorBBS V4.10 (zip)
MajorBBS V5.08 (zip)
MajorBBS V5.20 (zip)
MajorBBS V6.02 (zip)
FOPEN Patch (zip)
FLASH Game Collection (zip) - graphical multiuser games
FLASH Attack Source Code (zip) - Flash Attack game by Tim Stryker (1989)
FLASH Protocol (PDF) - multiuser game library
Galacticomm Coding Standards (PDF)

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